General plan for preparing for the move

Caucasian woman unpacking boxes in new home

Most people moving into a new apartment make the same mistake in the process of moving: they start collecting things in the last days, or even hours. As a result – a lot of spent nerves, extra money for a simple car, quarrels. To avoid all this, it is better to prepare for the move in advance.


30-40 days prior to your scheduled move-in time, do the following:

All things you do not need, furniture, household appliances, etc., but that can still serve someone else, should be sold. At least for a symbolic cost. And remember the golden rule: if a thing has not been used for at least one year, then with a probability of 99% you simply no longer need it, so part with it without regrets.

Be sure to throw away all unnecessary rubbish, you should not drag any junk with you to a new apartment.

So that in the new apartment you do not have to pay for the services that you used while living in the old one, you need to prepare for the termination of all contracts: for the provision of the Internet, telephony, cable television, etc.

Determining a specific date for moving, an agreement with the carrier if you use the services of such a company, as well as notifying everyone who volunteered to help you.

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