Moving in the rain

Everything goes according to plan. Everything is packed, the movers will soon arrive with the car, but bad weather is coming – it’s going to rain and it appears in your imagination in the form of water-soaked boxes and destroyed furniture. In fact, everything is not as scary as it seems. Light rain is not a problem at all at the crossing. But moving in heavy rain doesn’t have to be a nightmare. If you need to move when it’s raining heavily, follow these tips to protect your belongings.

Protect your belongings

In fact, cardboard is really more durable than it seems. If your boxes are sealed tightly with tape, everything inside should survive the move in the rain. But keep in mind that not all boxes can be so reliable. Boxes collected in supermarkets or fruit outlets can quickly lose their protective qualities in the rain. Try to keep the boxes in a dry place as long as possible, transfer them immediately to the van. If this is not possible, buy two awnings in a hardware store, you can put things on one, covering them from above with the second. When carrying boxes on your own, put on gloves so that your hands do not slip and take the box from below, by the bottom.

Wrap your furniture in stretch film to prevent moisture from getting in. Place clothing in a large plastic trash bag.

Check the truck you ordered for leaks in the van. Try to get the truck as close to home as possible. Consider the wind – it is advisable to place the van so that slanting rain does not fall into the body from the loading side. Before bringing things into the house at a new address, wipe the moisture with a dry towel. Unpack wet boxes and furniture immediately. Finally, make sure everyone helping with the move is wearing all-weather boots or running shoes. Slippery ground can be even more dangerous when carrying boxes or bulky furniture.

Organization of loading

Create a pipeline while things are loading to speed things up. Designate one person to stand inside and hand the boxes to another person outside to carry them to the truck. Also in a new location, consider dividing the movers into those who wear raincoats and those who can carry your things from the entrance to the apartment in order to leave dirt and moisture outside.

Of course, moving in the rain can be a challenge. But if you plan ahead and follow these simple tips, you should be fine. And when you safely move to a new place, this little adventure will remain in your memories, which you can share with friends and acquaintances.

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