Proper packing for moving to an apartment

In order not to run around in search of packaging at the last moment, it is better to prepare in advance. Here is a list of a few must-haves:

wrapping paper and old unwanted newspapers;

cardboard boxes of various sizes;

adhesive tape of different types;

air bubble film;

all kinds of rags made of soft material;

bags of various sizes and colors (garbage bags are suitable).

A couple of points about how to prepare for the use of cardboard boxes for moving to another apartment, or rather their sizes: it is not desirable to choose too much. They become almost unbearable after filling them with things. The ideal weight is no more than thirty kilograms. It is unlikely, of course, that there will be a suitable scale at the place of collection to determine this figure, so just try to move the box from its place with your thumb. If it worked out, great, otherwise you need to shift some of the things into a new box.

To quickly unpack things in a new apartment, stock up on colored felt-tip pens and markers for applying distinctive marks on boxes. And one more very important point: the more carefully you prepare, the higher the quality and quantity of packaging, the higher the probability that your things will arrive intact.

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